THUNDER Recommended Equipment



* Youth GIRLS Stick that measures 35.5 – 43 inches (Sticks such as deBeer youth Myssy, STX Ava or Lilly or Level, Brine Allure or Spark or Pixie or Mizfit or similar styles are appropriate) – NO all mesh pockets

** For a High School level player, we recommend an off set head like a Brine Amonte, deBeer NV3 or other brands that allow you to take advantage of the gravity of stick construction.

* Youth Eye Protection (Warrior Thea 1.0, STX 4 Sight Plus Youth, deBeer Vista SI, and Cascade Poly Pro or similar are all appropriate)

* Moldable Sports Mouth Guard (no strap allowed, trim after fitting with hot water) – any color is appropriate except clear or white

– FILLED water bottle

– Hair pulled back in pony tail holder

– Preferred cleats for use on grass fields, sneakers are okay

Email Missy Wells with questions at or  Sue Murphy at