What is a Recruiting Service?

A recruiting service teaches you how to market your talents to colleges.  You must do all of the work.

·         A recruiting service guides you to avoid pitfalls and errors in the process

·         A recruiting service will assist you in finding a school that meets your talent level and academic abilities.

·         A recruiting service is not an “agent”.  An agent represents you with the intent of obtaining financial aid – that is a NCAA violation and will render you ineligible.

·         We are not going to get your student athlete a scholarship or financial aid.  What we will do for you is put the information and resources you need to find the best financial package or scholarship at your fingertips. You must do all of the work.

·         A recruiting service assists you in arranging a timeline for you to contact colleges.

·         By joining our service you are getting a jump on the competition.  You are making college coaches aware of you long before girls from other areas.

·         We are giving you the tools & the guidance – it is up to you to do the work!