Recruiting Information

High school lacrosse is on the fastest growing sports in the nation – making your chances of being recruited for lacrosse or earning a NCAA lacrosse scholarship increasingly difficult. Consider that there are over 45,000 male and 35,000 female high school lacrosse players each year.

Of those collective 80,000+ high school lacrosse players, fewer than 3,000 make it to the college ranks as a NCAA lacrosse player. And only a small fraction of those players receive even a partial lacrosse scholarship.

With each passing season, college lacrosse recruiting is tougher and receiving a NCAA lacrosse scholarship even more difficult. That’s why it’s important to stay informed, have guidance of next step and rely on an experienced staff that will put in you a position to get the answers you and your family need in a timely manner.


“Our daughter received an athletic scholarship and academic grant-in-aid thanks to Sue’s guidance.  The recruiting package clearly paid for itself both financially and valuable time saved by our family.”


“Sue has so many contacts in the coaching world that it’s much easier for her to get us answers quickly and guide us in the right direction than for us to do it alone.”


“It was so important to us to have Sue a call or email away when the stress of narrowing schools became crazy for our family.  She would tell us what to do next, what to drop, who to add to list and made our daughter feel confident that lacrosse could be a part of our daughter’s future college plan.   Huge!!”


“Although our daughter did not want to pursue D1 lacrosse, we valued Sue’s perspective on D3 lacrosse and school options.  She gets to know her players so she can guide them towards a university that will be good for them both as a student and an athlete.”