Packages Offered


First  Appointment: Initial in person when it is able to be arrange or a phone call(s)

  • Highly respected former college coach working with you
  • Critiques of the individual player’s abilities. Strengths and weaknesses
  • Guidance in finding the school which will be the proper fit athletically, academically, and socially
  • Sample athletic resumes, sample email letters to college coaches
  • Instruction of when and how to communicate with coaches – timeline


  • All the above included in BRONZE LEVEL plus
  • Assistance with College Athletic Resume
  • Recommendation  letters
  • Coach’s evaluation form completion if your High School coach is unable to complete.
  • My knowledge of the NCAA recruiting guidelines    Offer valuable insight into the recruiting process – Avoid many common mistakes and untimely errors
  • Increase your daughter’s exposure to multiple coaches through my direct phone calls and email correspondence with college coaches


  • All the above included in BRONZE & SILVER LEVEL plus
  • Web compressed VIDEO intended for college coach review or memento produced by New World Sports’ partner Monarch Productions
  • The web-compressed video is the is the LATEST and GREATEST way to get the attention of a college recruiter – DVDs have become somewhat obsolete
  • After 18 years of DI & D3 college coaching, 6 years of coaching USA and staying on top of the recruiting game, Sue is certainly aware of what a college coach wants to see, how much time you have to capture their attention with SKILL, ATHLETICISM and GAME footage in order to get yourself recognized
  • The recruiting calendar is heavy at times for in-person evaluations but there are huge gaps that occur (based on academic calendars, recruiting opportunities) – Let a video speak for you!  And YOUR GAME improves, so why not show those coaches…
  • Monarch Productions is owned by athletes, for athletes!  With Sue’s experience and their understanding of what is considered necessary to get looked at by college recruiters, the web-compressed video has tremendous value
  • The video will be about 10 minutes in length to include (1) Intro with accolades (2) 2-3 minutes of skill that is filmed by Monarch and run by New World Sports staff (3) 6-7 minutes of game clips with colored highlight on player for easy recognition for a college recruiter.  Game film is supplied by family and marked for editing.  Please note that additional fees may apply if Monarch Productions needs to go to more than one skills shooting/filming session.  A family might also choose to have Monarch Productions attend specific games/practices to capture film if their own film quality is low.

If interested in a web-compressed video separate from the recruiting packages, please email for more information and prices.

Samples of girls lacrosse & field hockey web-compressed video forthcoming.

For more info on Monarch Productions visit them at