NWS Fredericksburg

10/7 NWS Fredericksburg Lacrosse Clinic is ON AS SCHEDULED!

Local girls lacrosse has teamed with New World Sports to build better lacrosse players in the Fredericksburg region through top coaching, players, facilities, and culture.

Fall Ball

  • 6 consecutive 1.5h Sunday sessions focused on SKILL and STICKWORK instruction
  • Sep 23 through Oct 28
  • High/Middle School Grades 6-12 @ 12:00-1:30PM
  • Grade K-5 @ 1:30-3:00PM
  • Optional, low-cost tournament/playdate as a team in November
  • Very high level coaches on UMW game field
  • Priced at $135 per player


Girls lacrosse in the Fredericksburg region is booming, but needs to take the next step to compete. NWS Fredericksburg is tackling this with a specific vision: build better girls lacrosse players at all ages and skills, locally. We are upping the ante on off-season activities: high-end coaching, a large pool of players across age and skill, collegiate- class facilities, and a strong program culture.

  • Led by Kelly Ulmer and Jess Glazer, plus recent college players
  • College level coaching, D-1/D-3 All Americans and national champions
  • Great ratio of coaches to players
  • Access to goalie coaching
  • Players at all ages and skill levels
  • Opportunity to progress into highest level via NWS travel teams in Richmond
  • HS/MS/ES
Program and Facilities
  • Instruction-focused
  • Tuned to include skilled players along with
  • Local summer camp, then multi-week fall
  • Fall tournament/game experience
  • Prestigious turf field at UMW
  • Designed by women’s lacrosse players to build long-lasting friendships
  • Increase expectations with a curriculum for development
  • Encourage other sports
  • Honor the game of lacrosse


  1. Other off-season efforts have been tried at other venues, what makes this one special? Simply stated, coaching. Kelly Ulmer, as a two-time D-1 All American and Jess Glazer, team captain for D-3 national champion Salisbury and UMW assistant coach, have played and coached at a very high level. When teamed with recent 5 UMW graduates and current players, we will have a very talented and deep bench for coaching.
  2. Is this a travel team? In our first year we are focusing on instruction. It takes a lot of girls at each age level to form a competitive travel team. Perhaps as soon as our second year we can form fall/summer travel teams for tournaments. In the meantime, we provide through the connection to NWS’s STORM travel teams, which 11 area players are currently on.
  3. What if I am already on STORM? Think of this as a replacement for off-season local activities at the indoor facility. Except, for the same price, you will get much better instruction. We expect many of the STORM travel team players to use this in lieu of some trips to Richmond. Stated differently, we need those STORM players to be a part of NWS Fredericksburg as well.
  4. Is there anything planned for K-2? Quite a lot, in fact. We’re gauging interest on the summer camp, but expect to have a session for this age group in the fall clinic.
  5. What is “tournament experience”? Playing in a travel team tournament is a great experience. It helps forge bonds within a team and program, as well as exposing players to significant competition in back-to-back games. We’d like to finish our fall season with an optional (extra fee) opportunity. We’ll form some teams and either host a tournament or participate in a Richmond tournament.