STORM Policies


What is STORM?

A competitive girls lacrosse travel team(s) that will train from May – July, 2013 with try-outs in March.

**There are also DEVELOPMENTAL STORM teams (grades 3-8) that have try-outs in April and will train & compete in June only.

We develop each individual student-athlete and focus on taking their game to the next level if as a middle school or high school athlete.  We strive to provide an atmosphere that is fun, exciting and competitive.  Our staff of college, USA and high school coaches & players will work towards crafting each young girl into a well-rounded and responsible lacrosse player who can succeed at the high school and college level.

We place many collegiate players each year thanks to the commitment of the staff including former DI coaches, Sue Murphy & Barb DiArcangelo.

What are the ages/grades of those allowed to try-out?

We would like to host the following teams:

*STORM 2014/2015 – Current Juniors & Sophomores

*STORM 2015/2016 – Current Sophomores & Frosh

*STORM  2016/2017- Current Frosh plus possibly some 8th graders

*STORM 2017/2018/2019 – ONLY MIDDLE SCHOOL COMPETITIVE TEAM to welcome current 8th, current 7th and current 6th graders.  If you do not make this team, please consider April tryouts for STORM Blue or Orange.

IF YOU DOMINATE, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO TRY-OUT MARCH 24 (no extra fee) for the STORM 2016/2017 but please note that there are NO GUARANTEES that you will make it.  If you don’t you will likely be placed on STORM 2017/18/19 (MS team).
*Note from Sue & Barb about High School team graduation year assignments:   As we move into this direction of graduate year teams (ultimately helping recruiting), there COULD BE a few exceptions to this graduation year placement.  Those decisions are based on physical and mental preparedness of a particular player – decisions made by                 Sue & Barb.

Where do we train/practice?

  • The Steward School (west end of Richmond) on Stewards’ beautifully manicured Bermuda grass fields – 11600 Gayton Road, Richmond, VA 23238
  • River City SportsQuest on synthetic lighted fields – 13030 Genito Road, Midlothian 23113
  • Check Practice Schedule HERE & Tournament Schedule HERE

What if I cannot make the tryout date?

We will work with you to try and find a time for you to try out but you must contact Barb DiArcangelo at if you need to schedule a separate tryout at LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE TRY-OUT.  Our teams are set immediately AFTER the try-out so don’t wait!!

What if I cannot make a tournament?  What is the NEW MANDATORY TOURNAMENTS?

Each player is expected to attend all tournaments assigned for their particular team.   Some teams have MANDATORY TOURNAMENTS (considered COLLEGE COACH recruiting or high caliber tournaments) – mandatory tournament fees NOW are part of your overall financial club dues.  The rest of the tournaments are OPTIONAL TOURNAMENTS (paid for separately).  You cannot after committing to a tournament receive credit towards a future tournament if you canceled for any reason with the exception of injury.

How much does it cost to play for STORM?

STORM 2014/2015 = Club Dues $600
Includes IWLCA Capital Cup ($150) and IWLCA Champions ($150) MANDATORY Tournaments.  Base Club Dues stay the same as Summer, 2012.  Optional tournaments below (extra), New player custom STORM uniform (extra)
STORM 2015/2016 = Club Dues $600
Includes IWLCA Capital Cup ($150) and IWLCA Champions ($150) MANDATORY Tournaments.  Base Club Dues stay the same as Summer, 2012.   Optional tournaments below (extra), New player custom STORM uniform (extra)
STORM 2016/2017 = Club Dues $435
Includes Rock the Fields ($135) MANDATORY Tournament.  Base Club Dues stay the same as Summer, 2012.   Optional tournaments below (extra),  New player custom STORM uniform (extra)
STORM 2017/18/19 MS = Club Dues $435
Includes Rock the Fields ($135) MANDATORY Tournament.  Base Club Dues stay the same as Summer, 2012.   Optional tournaments below (extra),  New player custom STORM uniform (extra)
  • Southern Lacrosse Cup, Richmond VA = $75
  • Sun & Surf, VA Beach = $125
  • Beach Blast, Rehoboth Beach, DE = $125
  • Optional tournaments must be selected by April 1st  the deadline to commit to the team

When are we expected to make our financial commitment?

  1. Wednesday, March 27 = Teams Announced
  2. Monday, April, 1 = Deadline to Commit to Team – online registration required
  3. Monday, April 1 = Pay in Full or Pay Club Dues AND COMMIT to optional tournaments.  $300 will be the minimum due.
  4. Monday, April 8 = Custom Uniform ordered, credit card/check cashed
  5. Wednesday, May 1 = Balance due of optional tournaments and club dues – A $50 LATE FEE will be charged after May 2

What do the club fees include?

  • Quality coaching to improve individual & team skills
  • Coaches stipend for practices, preparation and weekly communication during our season
  • Use of coaching staff for college references
  • Cost of fields and equipment
  • Club expenses
  • Navigation of the recruiting process
  • Administrative expenses
  • New STORM practice reversible (for new STORM players only)
  • 2013 STORM t-shirt
  • Mandatory tournaments are included in your club dues

Do I have any additional fees?

Yes.   You must pay the additional tournament entry fees by the deadline.   Additionally, you are responsible for all travel and hotel fees.  STORM will block hotel rooms for you though our Marriott partnership or by the hotel policy set forth by some tournament directors.

A CUSTOM team uniform (returners that have their home/away with name on back/bottom and kilt do not have to re-order) that will be in the $140 range.  New Goalkeepers home/away jersey with name on back and longer shorts will be about $130.  ANY NEW PLAYERS TRYING OUT (or returners that need to re-order for whatever reason) WILL FIT THE UNIFORM AT TRY-OUTS, an order form will be supplied.  You will fill it out completely to include a form of payment (credit card or check).  If you make the team, we assign you a game # and process the entire order with Downtown Athletics/UnderAmour on April 8th (one week after the deadline to COMMIT to playing).  It will be at that time, your credit card/check will be processed.  If you do not make the team, your form of payment will be shredded.

STORM Board of Advisors is offering scholarship this Summer, 2013 season.   Applications will be made available upon your request to  Deadline to submit your request will be March 15, 2013.  They will be reviewed and awards will be given before April 1, 2013.

Do I have to come to all of the events?

No.  However the tournament schedule is released well in advance to allow families to make appropriate plans.  Also, the more tournaments you attend, the more chemistry you will have with your teammates, and the better you will perform for the college coaches.  Not to mention, a large part of being on STORM is just having fun, so we try and do that as much as we can.

What if I want to register for the year above me?

Unfortunately, unless there are special circumstances, all players must compete with their own age group.   There will be certain tournaments where you might get a chance to compete with older players, but your legitimate age group comes first as mandated by tournament directors.  If there are opportunities that will allow us to do so, the coaching staff will pull players up based on recommendations, not parent/player requests.

The High School teams have shifted towards graduation year teams (to help us ultimately with recruiting and evolve into a nationally dominate club).  You will see a note from Directors, Barb DiArcangelo & Sue Murphy stating that there could be a few exceptions to that.  Please trust in the YEARS of college and USA playing & coaching we have to know if you or your daughter is prepared physically and MENTALLY to be placed a year older or a year younger.

What do I do if I want to get STORM gear?

STORM is committed to providing each player with the things necessary to compete.  However, we also have gear for the parents and players to enjoy during the year offered through an online store/catalog.  We will make every effort to have an online order ready to go in conjunction with announcement of teams on March 27.  Please do not pay for extra STORM gear until you have honored your Club Dues.

What if I have questions about College?

STORM is committed to trying to find the best place for you to compete at the college level.   As a coaching staff we are always happy to help you come up with some ideas, and discuss your future. You can email your respective coach with questions.  We have placed MANY players into college lacrosse program – we feel very fortunate to have a staff that has the relationships and connections at the next level to assist your families as you find the ‘right fit.’

Returned Checks will have a fee of $35.00

Please email  or with additional questions