Christina D’Angelo Steps into STORM Assistant Director Position

DLo2STORM Lacrosse Director, Sue Murphy elevates current STORM Elite 2016 head coach Christina D’Angelo to STORM Lacrosse Assistant Director.

Sue Murphy on Coach D’Angelo – “It has been a pleasure to see Christina (D’Lo or #3 to me) grow into such an accomplished young coach (and teacher).  Christina’s work ethic and passion is second to none and her players see that.  She strives to provide constructive feedback to her student-athletes, which in turn I have witnessed their individual and team development.  Christina has a gift of how to push a player forward and over walls or tough times, while players get to really care about her in return.  Christina does demand from her players and has high expectations, I often wonder if she could have gotten some of those qualities from the 4 years Barb and I spent coaching her at University of Richmond!  A committed, genuine, passionate and overall super person and coach…we are so very lucky to have Christina commit to our STORM program as STORM Lacrosse, Assistant Director.”

“STORM lacrosse has given me the opportunity to coach a sport that I fell in love with many years ago. The program has allowed me to connect with kids from all over the state of Virginia, to watch them develop and to help them meet their goals. Storm has also helped me grow as a coach and I continue to learn about myself, on a consistent basis. I was recruited by Sue Murphy and Barb DiArcangelo at the age of 18 to play lacrosse at the University of Richmond, and I am so thankful to see where that relationship has taken us. We get to all stand together and grow the sport of women’s lacrosse.” – Christina D’Angelo

Coach D’Angelo will now take on administrative duties to further develop our STORM program while she will remain Head Coach of STORM Elite 2016.   She has already been instrumental in our STORM Elite evaluations, future policy for our program, recruitment of coaches  and continued recruiting education to our players and families. 

This past year Coach D’Angelo has added to her coaching resume a coach selector and evaluate at UnderArmour Classic  tryouts and the Mid-Atlantic National team tryouts.  She also served as director of Winter Group Training for STORM and as Head Coach at The Steward School, a trip to the State Tournament while producing a 1st Team All State Player, two 2nd Team All State Players and one All-LIS Player.  D’Angelo offers private lessons, pre-season training and team camps as a STORM coach.

Coach D’Angelo joins our outstanding administrative team with Barb DiArcangelo who continues on as STORM Lacrosse, Assistant Director.  We look forward to growing our ‘administrative team’ as our program has taken great steps forward in terms of success and growth at all levels.


Directed By – Sue Murphy, Christina D’Angelo & Barb DiArcangelo

Combining 75+ years of GIRLS LACROSSE EXPERIENCE – middle school, high school, All Americans, USA Players, DI players & college coaches


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